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Newcastle Women’s Collective is a group of women of all ages who keep in touch to promote the interests of women in the region. There is usually a (very informal!) meeting once a month to which all women are welcome to come along and we have a drink and a catch up in the centre of town. It also enables us to plan events. Many women in the collective can’t always come along to meetings or help organise events and this is OK, it’s great just to have a group of women interested in the collective! We use facebook to share ideas and communicate important developments in the region which have an impact on women. We are also very happy to work alongside other groups in the area and have successfully organised some joint events with feminist groups in Newcastle.

If you are interested in joining the Newcastle Women’s Collective, please do so on Facebook here or contact us using the contact button on our website and we will add you to the mailing list.

The collective is open to any self-identifying woman in the region. You may have an idea for an event, have an interest in women’s issues or you may just want to meet new and like-minded people.  The nature of the collective means that no-one is ‘in charge’ and you can discuss whatever you like, online or in person.    

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The F Word (Feminism)

As a collective, we believe feminism is 

a) the belief that women do not receive equal treatment in our society,  

b) the challenging of this situation and

 c) still very relevant to our present lives. Whilst these are very broad statements, each of us holds different views about feminism, about 'equality' and 'liberation' and the way in which 'inequality' or 'patriarchy' should be challenged.

We hope that no-one would be discouraged from being part of the collective or joining in with any of our events because of 'The F Word' which has received negative press over the past few decades. Contrary to popular belief, feminists don't look a certain way, dress a certain way or behave a certain way. We are all very different and we don't live by any feminist governing rules or requirements.

If any self-defining women are interested in discussing any of these ideas with others, you would be most welcome to come and join us for a chat. We regularly ponder the issues raised above and more thoughts and voices always help further everyone's understanding of feminism.